Here is what just a few have to say about our services, therapists and center.

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“Kidswork has provided my children with the help they need in a friendly professional environment.”I have two sons who receive occupational services from Kidswork staff. Both of them continue to improve in their specific needs area and they love working with Christa each week.  I would recommend Kidswork’s services to other parents who are looking for qualitative occupational services.


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“My Kids love Kidswork because it’s fun and I love it because it is helping them.”I have 3 children 2 are on the Autism Spectrum since we have been coming to Kidswork we have noticed significant improvement in all areas of sensory integration and my other child has shown improvement in handwriting and coordination.  The best thing is they truly treat you like family and laugh, cry, and cheer right beside you.  I don’t think of these ladies as just service providers, to us they are an extension of our family who I don’t think we could get along without.



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“We not only have a therapist but gained a member of our family. “
I have a child that has and auditory processing disorder and a specific learning disability. She really looks forward to her session with Christa each week. Christa is very professional but yet on the other hand feels like part of our family. She has helped our child in so many ways it is unreal. We have seen major progress in our child’s ability and learning since starting therapy with Christa. Her teacher even comments on how well she progressed over the last year, since she is now getting the assistant she needs. Christa and this center is truly a godsend to us, I felt as a mother I was failing my child because no matter what we did or tried with her she was just “not getting it”. My child was falling further behind in school, but since bringing Christa in she is excelling and catching back up to her peers and where she needs to be.
I highly recommend this center and the therapists to any family. If you are “interviewing” therapists I highly suggest you add Kidswork to that mix, at least give them a call and speak with them. We had a few that we interviewed and met with our child, but there was not a “connection” there. The only regret we have is not doing it sooner.