Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy is used for kids who have either injuries or musculoskeletal disorders. Therapists will help alleviate pain and help them resume daily activities. Physical therapy is designed to help the child regain strength and range of motion. It focuses on gross motor skills such as walking hiking, jumping and climbing stairs. For a child it involves milestones that have been missed or delayed for a number of reasons. 

Physical Therapy is used for various different disorders and issues, some of them may include but not limited to:

· Orthopedic Disabilities

· Cerebral Palsy

· Developmental Delays

· Muscles Disorders or Diseases

· Acute Traumas

· Birth Defects (spina bifida)


Some things a therapist might do with your child while in the physical therapy sessions include:

· Developmental activities- crawling, walking, running, jumping

· Weight bearing exercises to build strength around an injury

· Flexibility exercises to increase range of motion in certain muscles

· Adaptive play

· Water (aquatic) therapy


The therapist may measure the child for flexibility and strength, analyze the child’s gait (the way they walk or run). Identify existing and potential problems, provide instructions for home exercise.

Our therapists will customize the need for special equipment and treatment plans based on your child’s assessments and evaluations.