About the Center

Our Mission

“Helping Kids Achieve and Believe in Themselves”
We are committed to serving children and their families. We believe that every child can achieve and believe in themselves, and reach their fullest potential. We provide a variety of different services in our special outpatient center that is specifically designed to be “kid friendly”. We feel each child is unique and each one is special to us. Our therapists will design a therapy plan/program based uniquely on each child’s strengths and weaknesses. Our goal is to provide each family and child with a comfort zone and relaxed therapy session. We firmly feel that a child who is relaxed and comfortable in the session will make it much more beneficial to them.
Our center is very child friendly and our therapists are highly trained professionals, with extensive experience treating children and they give their undivided attention to your child when it is session time. They are focusing on what it best for your child and your child’s abilities.  We have one common goal and that is to make sure our treatment exceeds professional standards in an environment that is designed to enhance each child’s abilities.

 KidsWork is located in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania. We have been in operation since 2001. We have highly trained professionals to help with each step of your child’s development. We own state of the art equipment to help when a device will benefit your child. We welcome you to make an appointment to visit our center if you are in need of services for your child. We do ask that you contact us ahead of time, because we wouldn’t want to interrupt a child’s current therapy session, as we would give the same respect to your child and their needs as well. We offer you to contact us and we can talk about ways in which we might help your child and answer any questions you may have.

We accept several health insurance plans; and we can discuss all that with you too.