Interactive Metronome

Interactive Metronome also known as IM is an auditory-visual guidance system that is used in therapy to improve neurological processes of sequencing, motor planning and processing. The child attempts to match a range of computer-generated tones heard through the headphones to a rhythmic beat through hand and foot exercises for one hour sessions three to five times a week.

It trains the child to:

· Increase physical endurance and stamina

· Block out internal and external distractions.

· Helps monitor mental and physical actions as they are occurring

· Improves coordination

· Helps the child focus and concentrate longer

Some children that would benefit from IM are:


· Sensory Integration Disorders

· Autism Spectrum Disorder

· Cerebral Palsy

· Balance Disorders

· Brain Injury

· Non-Verbal Learning Disorders

For more Information on Interactive Metronome please visit the official site.