Handwriting without Tears ®

This approach is proven to in making legible and fluent handwriting an easy ad automatic skill for all students. With this approach it is educationally sound instruction to teach handwriting too all student from Pre-Kindergarten to cursive writers, but makes it fun and entertaining in the process. When we teach our children to write we are teaching them to express themselves through their thoughts. If they struggle to form their letters then they are struggling to express themselves and their schoolwork will suffer.


Children who write well and easy, do better in school because they feel more confident and proud of their schoolwork. When a child masters an easy skill they gain confidence and can focus on the content of their work rather than the context and formation of the letters. The purpose of HWT ® is teaching a child to use it as a natural skill.
HWT® uses just more than a pencil and a piece of paper to engage the student or child. HWT® works in steps to teach the child, staring out with the simplest letters in capitals that have the same shape sequence in lowercase as well. This allows for easier transition from capitals to lowercase. The lessons are well planned out and require very minimal preparation time.

The end result……Handwriting Without Tears!!


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