Dyslexia is a learning disability that some kids have. It makes it tough for them to read, spell and comprehend. The issue is inside the brain but that does not mean the person is dumb, many very talented and famous people have struggled with dyslexia all their lives. So a child with dyslexia can learn to read, write and spell with some help and a lot of hard work. A child with dyslexia struggles to read and it makes the brain tired really fast. 

Dyslexia means that the brain has trouble processing letters and sounds. It makes it tough to break simple words into the different speech sounds, for example b-a-g for bag. When it is hard to break them down it is really hard to connect the speech sounds to different letters, like “buh” for b, and blend them into words.
A child with dyslexia might read slowly, make a lot of mistakes, and mix up letters in a word, such as was for saw. Words may blend together for them as well. There isn’t a therapy that will work every time for dyslexic children each child again, is different; therefore after diagnosis a treatment plan is built focusing on your child’s strengths and weaknesses. One strong approach to dyslexia is Sensory Integration therapy, there seems to be a lot of buzz and success that this particular therapy does work for a dyslexic child. Sensory integration Therapy is administered by a trained occupational therapist.